Learning Japanese Language Will Make You Awesome

Learning Japanese Language Will Make You Awesome

“If you talk to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head,” said the famous South African philanthropist Nelson Mandela, “If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”, he added.

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How true are his wise words! Yes, learning how to speak other languages is not just another nonsense. It’s all about breaking the language barrier. It’s opening a gateway towards effective communication and socialization. If you want to learn the Asian languages, learning Japanese is the language best to start with.

Why You Should Learn the Japanese Language

But why the Japanese language? There are several good reasons why it is best for you to learn Japanese. It does more than making you awesome. Here are other reasons why:

Japanese people are everywhere

Japanese are one of the great travelers. They are everywhere. Be it in New York or in Australia, in Paris, or in Canada. If you’d like to speak with them, it is best to communicate in their language.

They would feel welcomed in a foreign place. In any other way, if you’re visiting Japan, then learning Japanese language – the basics will do – is a total must.

Japanese are great investors

What does that mean? Japanese are excellent entrepreneurs. If you would like to do business with them, then negotiating in Japanese is a huge plus and may even increase your chances of getting partnered with them. If your employer is Japanese, speaking with them in their language might just be the reason for your promotion.

Japanese restaurants are invading New York

If you’re into soup, noodles, and exotic food, visiting Japanese restaurants is the best recourse. Japanese restaurants can be found in the big cities such as that in New York.

Several Japanese words are uniquely untranslatable

Japanese language is strong without losing the politeness and nature-loving expressions. There are several words in Japanese that doesn’t exist in English – simply because there is no word that can fully define these words. For example, the Japanese word “komorebi” refers to the ‘sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees’.

Another beautiful word is the “Yuugen” which refers to the ‘awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses that are too mysterious and deep for words.’ More of these can be read in here.

Learning Japanese language is not as difficult as you think

A number of language teaching programs are now available online and in physical schools. Most of them are free while some comes with affordable subscription fees. Learning Japanese may be difficult at first, but it’ll get easier as you get the hang of it. To prove this statement, here are some of the best ways to learn Japanese.

How to Become an Awesome Japanese Speaker

Learning Japanese does not require you to be highly intellectual. There are several simple ways on how to become a pro in speaking Japanese. You can start by:

Learning the Basics

Learn basic Japanese words. A simple “Good morning!” Or “Thank you!” In Japanese will help you collect dribs and drabs of Japanese words in your vocabulary. Try to use each word you learn in a short sentence. Do this every day and soon enough you’ll get surprised by your proficiency.

Watch Japanese Movies

Japanese movies are countless – from feature films to short films, from anime to cartoons. Watching these movies will make you get more familiar with Japanese words.

For beginners, watch these movies with English subtitles to get the idea of the words being spoken. Try to listen to their pronunciation, proper stressing, and the correct phrasing.

Listen to Japanese nursery rhymes

This one’s somewhat awkward but it will help you diversify your Japanese vocabulary. It will also help you build simple sentences in Japanese. Japanese nursery rhymes have onomatopoeias and basic Japanese words. Their catchy beat and lyrics will help you level-up your Japanese learning. These nursery rhymes are listed on this site.

Download Mobile Apps

Almost everyone owns a smartphone. And smartphones are designed to do more. And yes, you can use your smartphone for learning Japanese. Download an app for Japanese learning. There are several apps for different platforms, with some of them free. Here are some apps you could try:

  • Obenkyo

This app comes with Japanese proficiency test to evaluate your Japanese vocabulary and grammar level. After the test, the app will give lessons and test that is yet appropriate for your level. The user could also practice writing hiragana and katana with his finger on the screen. This is for Android devices only.

  • Imiwa?

This Japanese dictionary app has easy-to-use and a clean user interface. You can collect words for your vocabulary just by simply tapping the favorite button. This is for iOS devices only.

Speak with the Natives

The best way to enhance your Japanese language is to speak with the natives. They can help you build your sentence structure more accurate. They can also help you learn the grammar principles, proper pronunciation, and correct usage of a word.

Besides, it would be a lot happier to speak with a real person than an electronic devices. If you have a Japanese friend or a relative, seek for help and tell them how eager you are on learning their language. They’d appreciate you and would be happy to help you.


Learning Japanese is not as difficult as you think it is. It’s fun and challenging. You can learn Japanese from no cost to highly expensive language training programs. As you learn Japanese, you’ll also understand their culture and strong ethic.

Also, you’ll earn respect from the Japanese populace especially when they see your zealousness in studying their language. When you study Japanese language, you are breaking the language barrier.

Our Top Pick For Learning a New Language

It's never been easier to learn a new language, so what are you waiting for?

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