Best Language Programs: Be The Ultimate Hyperpolyglot

Best Language Programs: Be The Ultimate Hyperpolyglot

Learning different languages requires diligent study and strict discipline of various language programs. Language programs help language-oriented people to be proficient in not just one, but several languages. True as it may be, bilingual and trilingual people find happiness in being able to speak with different kinds of people.

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Being multilingual can impressively make you communicate well with others. Not only you’ll get to understand them, but you’ll also gain their respect.

Knowing different languages offer several benefits. If you’re on a tour, you can easily ask questions about your whereabouts.

When working abroad, understanding and being able to speak the country’s native language is a must. Also, learning different languages can increase your chances of getting hired for customer service-related jobs.

What is the best way then, for you to learn different languages? Language programs are now accessible online. Most of them are free, while some of them come with a price. Whatever the price is, they are one in helping you learn another language and make you proficient in it.

Whether the program is free or not, you have to select the one that could really build your proficiency in the language. Therefore, you must pick the best learning program.

In this article, we listed the best learning programs available online as well as the best alternatives.

8 Best Language Program

Several polyglot-philanthropist developers created a software to help users learn other languages in the easiest way possible. As you search for language-learning programs online, you end up having a long list of them that claims to be the best. But to filter the list, we provided the 8 bestand we actually mean the best – language programs listed below.

8. Memrise

Memrise is an intuitive language program that has no cost. YES. IT’S FREE! With zero expenses, you can learn more than 20 other languages – this includes diversified sign languages. The Memrise uses flashcards to help learners memorize words and add them up to your vocabulary.

The lessons are highly engaging and equally engrossing. Memrise is web-based learning program. If you’re offline, you can still bring Memrise with you. Download their mobile app which is available for iOS and Android devices – which is also downloadable for free.

7. Hello-Hello

If you want to get professional with other languages in conversational and vocabulary, Hello-Hello is the program you can rely on. This language program provides corrections and suggestion for your construction of sentences. Hello-Hello has 30 courses – for everyday conversation and practical situations.

They offer courses in 13 languages. Once the app is purchased, you can use the software in any devices.

6. Foreign Services Institute

The Foreign Services Institute (FSI) provides 600 courses (which they called the FSI courses), specifically designed to teach users different languages such as Tagalog, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Swahili, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Czech, and much more. As a public service of the United States, this online program is totally available at no cost.

5. Language Pod 101

If you like to learn while listening, Language Pod 101 is the best language program for you. It offers a language system in the most convenient way possible for the learner. The courses are fun and innovative.

The podcast lessons are precisely designed to help learners adopt the language system easily. They offer 26 international languages.

4. Fluenz

Fluenz is a powerful language–learning program that aims to teach students in an approach specific to their needs. Fluenz teaches seven languages including Portuguese, French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, and Italian.

Fluenz is widely known because of the effectiveness of their courses which is why it is being used by some great institutional leaders, big companies, and by the U.S. military.

3. +Babbel

Babbel is another fun and intuitive language program that offers game-like learning system. Babbel offers 14 languages for an affordable monthly fee. When the app is already purchased, you can enjoy it best even through your smartphone.

There is also a community that will help you use the language you’ve just learned to start a conversation. Perhaps Babbel is not just another language learning program, it is also a gateway to meeting others with shared interest and love for learning languages.

2. Duolingo

If you would like a learning program that doesn’t strictly look like a learning program, Duolingo is the program to choose. Duolingo offers engaging learning system that looks more like of a game. Plus, it’s free! Learn nine languages with Duolingo without spending a single penny.

1. Rosetta Stone

Used and fully trusted by more than 12,000 corporations, more than 20,000 educational institutions, and more than 9,000 non-profit agencies, Rosetta Stone is number one in our list of best language programs. You can take the courses at your own convenient time, both in your desktop or your smartphone device.

It has speech recognition to identify your native language and help you with your desired language to learn. Rosetta Stone is really worth the price.


The listed language programs above are the best ones so far. These programs will help you learn and adopt the foreign language. They do not guarantee a 100% effectivity as it will only depend on your eagerness to use the program.

If you really want to learn a specific language, you can seek help by speaking with a native speaker of that language. Always carrying a conversation with that person will hone your skill in learning the language. Watching movies, listening to music, or even watching news programs on that language will also help you learn.

Our Top Pick For Learning a New Language

It's never been easier to learn a new language, so what are you waiting for?

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