Language Learning Software Review: The Patron’s Choice

Language Learning Software Review: The Patron's Choice

Want to learn another language fluently? There are several ways to do so. You can choose to have a one-on-one language lesson on local institutions, or you can teach yourself through a traditional book, dictionaries, movies, and music or you can avail a language learning software available online and learn by yourself in the easiest and most convenient way possible!

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If you search for ‘language learning software online’, you will be redirected to a popular language learning software that claims to be the best. Most of them guarantee fun learning system, but the quality of lessons are way too orthodox. How will you know whether a language learning software is worth your while then?

An Excellent Language Learning Software must be…


While there are several free language learning apps you can use, they do not guarantee a 100% effectiveness. Free language learning software offers very limited learning lessons. These kinds of software will let you learn the language, but you wouldn’t be fully trained in speaking and using them in real-life situations.

Duolingo is an example of a free language learning software. It’s a fun and entertaining way to learn. But Duolingo cannot teach you the proper accent of the word nor the proper grammar. It does not also give you a lesson about the fundamental language principle of the language you are learning.

Other language software like Rosetta Stone offers lessons but with monthly or yearly subscription fee. Not to mention, the cost you pay does not give you a lifetime access to the courses.


how would you know if the software is effective? Through real testimonials from real people. What do the users say about the software? How about the reviews? Is it highly recommended? To determine a software’s effectiveness, read language learning software reviews that can be found online.


An excellent language learning software must be intuitive, customer-centric and highly educational. It must not overwhelm the learner with too much information with the pressure to learn it on a specific period.

Finding the language learning software with these qualities may be tedious. Several online software will give you a free trial. Do you think that would be good? Absolutely no. Why?

The first reason they give free trial is to let you know how their system works which would give you the idea that the learning system is way too complex. That’s why most free trials are given for a week (or sometimes more) because the learning system might get you a week before you could fully understand it. Perhaps, these kinds of software are not intuitive.

Another reason you must remember why you should never try free trial is because it might just waste your time. You never know what you are about to learn on that trial. Practically speaking, the week you spend for a trial with unproven customer satisfaction could be used for a week of real language lessons.

Enough With The Promises, Here’s The Real Deal

Rocket Languages is a language learning software that received a thousand acclaim from both users and critics. The software has several unique features that are way too comparable from other popular language learning software such as Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur Approach. Plus, this software does not only promises great features, it proves them.

Rocket Languages uses the VARK system in teaching. Where V stands for visual lessons, A for audible lessons, R for reading lessons, and K for kinesthetic lesson. In Rocket Languages, learners are taught visually using flashcards (same with Memrise and Duolingo).

It also provides audible lessons for the learner to hear how a word or a sentence is being pronounced (similar with languagepod101). Then, students are introduced to reading and writing.

Also, grammar lessons and culture lessons are being taught in the software. These features are really unique as other software does not focus in this field. Most of them only introduce basic words and simple sentences.

This software will also help you improve your accent. The audio recordings will help you learn the accent to approximate a native speaker. You can also record your voice and overlay it with the accent.

Once you have owned Rocket Languages, you can have access to it even through your smartphone. Just download the free Rocket Languages mobile app and bring your lessons with your everywhere you are.

With Rocket Languages, you’ll get a chance to learn 15 other languages including Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, German, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, and as well as American Sign Language.

Is This Really Good For Me?

Many people were able to fully flush the fear of speaking another language out of their systems. Travelers, businessmen, and polyglot-wannabes find great benefits in using Rocket Languages. There are hundreds of competitor language learning software and almost all of them offer the same promises.

Other noteworthy features of this software are: the mobile version is compatible with iPods and MP3s (for listening to the audio lessons), it has educational games for your learning entertainment, you’ll receive free updates, and also a lifetime limited access.

To help you be motivated on your learning, you’ll earn badges after every completion of a course. If you are having difficulties, you may easily get connected with your mentors – and they are real people. The community forum will be also glad to help you.

Compared with other software in competition, the Rocket Language is way more affordable. Rocket Languages is really a knockout software for your language learning. It is intuitive and very educational with less false claims and promises.

Our Top Pick For Learning a New Language

It's never been easier to learn a new language, so what are you waiting for?

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